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Are All Men Scum? All men are scum! Really? If that is what you believe, that is what you might keep attracting! All men are not scum! You cannot use a personal experience to summarize everybody! 

Most men will ‘toast’ you and promise you heaven and earth, but a faithful man who can find?

Most men will tell you they are the best, but a faithful man who can find?

Most men will claim they love you more than anybody, more than their mothers, but a faithful man who can find?

Most men will tell you how much they will take care of you, but a faithful man who can find?

Are All Men Scum?

No be today dem day find man way go day faithful o! E don dey since Bible time! See am!

Pro 20:6 KJV
Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?

The word from which ‘faithful’ is translated from the Greek is ‘emun’ which means ‘trusty’ or ‘trustworthiness.’ In essence, the question above is ‘most men are good toasters, but who can find a man that can be trusted?

David made the situation worse when he said

Psa 12:1 KJV
Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.

Are there good husbands at this age? Will one ever find a man that will love God and love his wife as well?

Are there still men who will not compromise and cheat on their wives? Are there still men that will not pounce on the tempting house girl? Are there still men that will remain faithful even if they have traveled to places where sex is available and almost free?

Well, there are still faithful men! Elijah went before God and said he is the only one that remains. God said, ‘you are wrong, there are still thousands that would not bow to Baal.’

The issue is that the moment you conclude in your heart that “all men are evil,’ that is the kind of men you keep attracting! You see, you cannot make conclusions about men generally because of a few bad trends and experiences with men.

There are still faithful men, and there is a man that God has for you!

If you will trust God to lead you and guide you in making decisions, he will surely help you out.

But if you decide to do it your own way, try to buy your way into a man’s heart by offering your body, it usually wouldn’t work out because that is not God’s order. Are All Men Scum?

I receive the grace to do it God’s way and not my way

Ask God for wisdom and direction in your daily affairs 

Psa 12:1 (AMPC) HELP, LORD! For principled and godly people are here no more; faithfulness and the faithful vanish from among the sons of men.

Study “faithfulness” in the scriptures

Psalm 12


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