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It’s time to learn what causes miracles! Hello dear child, trust you have had a lot to learn here so far! Today we’ll be looking at another interesting lesson from God’s word; it’s always good to learn directly from what the word of God says, rather than earthly wisdom.

Let’s go straight into God’s word!

In today’s devotional, I am going to be showing you how you can cause God to work miracles in your life and that of your loved ones.

The first miracle of Jesus was when he turned water to wine at a wedding at Cana of Galilee. Jesus came to ‘the recuse’ of the bride and groom, wine had just finished at their party, and the party was still very much on. Can you imagine that? Have you held a party before? It’s like someone announcing that food has finished at a birthday party when the party has just started and over a hundred people are yet to eat.

In the story, Jesus’ mother called his attention to the issue, but he wasn’t ready to do anything at that time, because it wasn’t yet time for his manifestation.

But Mary said something powerful to the disciples, and that’s where our lesson is from today.

The bible says in John 2:5;

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”  John 2:5 (NIV)

Right after Mary said this, Jesus gave an instruction that didn’t make common sense, but just like Mary told the servants, they did what was told then. The end result of this was that water was turned into wine.

This miracle could only happen because those servants did as they were told, not minding whether it made sense or not, they obeyed!

As children of God we must learn to obey, this is how to get God to work miracles in our lives.

To be continued…

Lord Jesus help me to be an obedient child at all times; Amen.

Choose to always follow simple instructions

I am a child of God; I am obedient at all times. The Holy Spirit is at work in my life helping me live a life of obedience at all times, amen.

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