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You must learn to deal with bad thoughts, because your thoughts create your words. How do your thoughts create your words?

For example, because someone stepped on your toes in class and refused to say sorry, you begin to dislike the person. 

As you think those bad thoughts, the enemy tells you that you can act out those thoughts physically.

So if you wish for the person to trip and hit her head on the table, you could actually say it out loud.

You could say something nasty, that would make her cry of feel ashamed or something worse.

That’s how your thoughts affect your words. It’s like a volcano that is ready to erupt.

It spills out everything in it without any thought for those around it. It doesn’t care if its lava burns anyone.

More like you. You don’t care if your words hurt the other person. You feel hurt and just want to hurt the other person back.

You want them to feel as much pain as you do too. If not more than you do, as the case is sometimes.

Again you might argue that the other person caused it. Yes, they did you wrong but you had a responsibility to chose your words well.

Careless words stab like a wound. But wise words bring healing Prov. 12:18 ICB

The only way to show God how much you love Him is by obeying Him. Are you obeying God with your thoughts and words?

May God give you the grace to speak sweet and kind words to even those who hurt you. Amen.

Lord, Jesus, I need your help with my words. Help me to deal with my thoughts so I can speak positive and life-giving words, even to those that offend me in Your mighty name I pray. Amen.

Action point:
After dealing with your thoughts and words, how about apologizing to someone you said some unkind words to? Try it.

My words are kind and soothing.

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