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Dear children, I want to show you something I found exciting in the scriptures. I believe it will excite you as well. Do you yet understand the reason for your creation?

I know you might have sometimes wondered why you were brought forth to this earth. Your mind might have wandered far and near as to the reason God made you.

You might have even wished to be born into another country, home, or some other parents.

Hey, listen to me! You are here for a reason. You are here for a purpose.

See what the bible says about you.

My children and I are signs and proofs for the people of Israel. We have been sent by the Lord All-Powerful, who lives on Mount Zion. – Isa 8:18[ERV]

Did you see that? Did that excite you as much as it did me?

You are here as proof of God’s faithfulness.

This means every time someone looks at you, he or she is reminded that God truly exists. Wow!

That neighbor of yours might have been having it rough in school, but merely looking at you gives him hope to forge ahead.

You were sent to the earth by the Lord All-powerful. Which devil can stop you from excelling?

The moment we refuse to step into what God has designed us to be, we are simply short-changing our divine abilities for something less.

I want you to ponder on this verse throughout today.

Read it in several translations so as to have a better understanding of what is being said.

May God give you more understanding in Jesus name, Amen.

Oh Lord, make me a wonder to my generation.

Action Point:
Study the above scripture well.

I am a sign and a wonder to many.

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