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Your parents are given to you by God. It’s not a mistake that you are their child. God expects you to obey your parents at all times. They know and see stuff you don’t.

Your parents are guardians over you. They have been entrusted with taking care of you here on earth. They will give an account of how well they did so to God.

Help them to make their work easy and to give God a great account of how they did their best.

The bible verse that speaks about obeying your parents is found in Colossians three and verse twenty. It reads:

“Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.” – Col 3:20

God loves it when you obey your parents in everything. Pleasing God is a sign of obedience.

May the grace to obey your parents be upon you always. Amen.

Father, thank you for my parents. May I be an obedient child to them. Amen.

Action point:
Ensure you listen to and obey your parents.

I am an obedient child. I obey my parents in all things.

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