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The Three Stages of Marriage. Knowledge is power. The success of your marriage is in your hands. Where you invest is where you harvest. 

The kingdom principle is based on seed, time, and harvest. Doctors invest 7years of attending medical lectures and reading medical books. They become changed into medical doctors.

To be good and godly husbands and wives we have to spend hours learning and reading books on marriage. Doctors won’t graduate until they adequately learned all they are supposed to learn. That’s why you can’t graduate to be a doctor until seven years, not six or five.

For some of us, our knowledge about marriage is incomplete. That’s why we have a near blissful marriage.

For this morning, I will like to let us know that there are 3 stages every marriage will go through. Every one of us will pass through these stages. So the earlier we prepare for them the better.

The Three Stages of Marriage
1. Opposite will attract
In God’s wisdom, He always brings two opposite together for the purpose of complementing one another. This is to break the power of superiority. Where you need me and I need you. No matter how gifted a person, you can never become all that God destined you for. God said it is not good for man to be all one.

So by principle, God makes opposite and they will always attract. You will attract someone who has something you don’t have. A choleric will always attract a quiet, reserved, laid-back Phlegmatic.

Let no one despise your personality. No one is the best personality, because together they form the perfect image of God.

A man alone cannot nurture babies nor can a woman alone make babies, it takes a combination of the two.

So the first stage of your marriage is where you attract one another. Some people call it the honeymoon stage. Here you don’t see anything wrong with your spouse.

The Three Stages of Marriage
2. Opposite will frustrate
This is the second stage in every marriage. The time of the second stage varies from couple to couple. Some couples have enough knowledge to keep them in the first stage for a long time. 

Now, how you handle this second stage is based on how much you have given yourself to investing in your marriage through reading, studying, and learning.

I emphasize again that men and women are so different. We can say that the success of the second stage is based on knowledge, a test of how well you have studied your covenant.

What attracts you will begin to frustrate you. You get irritated at each other. Life changes occur and you begin to repel each other. Your wife needs to be loved more in every aspect. Not loved from men’s perspective but love as she sees love. The very thing that men find difficult to do or comprehend. 

The husband on the other hand requires respect. We will continue tomorrow by God’s grace. Your marriage will thrive

As a husband, I dwell with my wife based on knowledge that she is different from me. As a wife,I  respect my husband

Father help me to realize that men and women are different. Grant me wisdom in Jesus name 

Eph 5:33.….husbands love your wives, wives respect your husbands 

I will give myself to learning more about my marriage

Eph 5


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