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The bible makes us understand the immense power of words. Words can build up your future or break down your life.

Prov. 13:2 “Be careful what you say and protect your life. A careless talker destroys his life.” (GNB)

This verse cautions us to watch what we say as our words are so powerful to create what we say.

Our words can make or break us. What we say is what we see and become. The words you speak have an impact on your life.

The more you keep complaining about a situation, the more it worsens. Rather, choose to say positive words about it.

You don’t deny that there is a problem, but you choose to look at it through positive lenses.

Use words that show you believe the situation will get better and won’t last forever. You have to keep believing that and let your actions show you believe.

You can choose to say things like
“I am grateful that my parents are giving me an education.

I will meet and make nice, God-fearing friends here.

Things will work out well for me.” and so on.

So, when next you feel like complaining about a situation or someone, remember to choose your words wisely.

God bless and keep your words safe.

Lord God, thank you for your grace that helps me speak wisely. I will continually speak positive, pleasant, and life-giving words as from today. In Jesus name. Amen.

Action plan:
Start to speak positively about your life

My children speak edifying words because they know the power of words.

My children are mindful of what they say. Their lips are guided into all truth.

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