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We are considering The Importance of Peace in Marriage today. Peace is not just the absence of troubles, it is tranquility in the midst of the storm.

In Mark 4:32, we read the story of Jesus calming the boisterous sea and wind. He was able to calm that storm basically because He was with them on that trip.

Jesus the Christ is not only the source of peace, He is the Peace Himself. The Prince of peace, the Amen, the Word of God. 

In John chapter 2, Jesus was not just a guest at the wedding (your marriage). He was acknowledged, honoured, valued and obeyed. They know The Importance of Peace in Marriage!

Do you value Jesus the Word and allow Him have a say in your marriage? Do you believe Jesus can proffer solution to your marital crisis? Are you willing to obey whatever He asks you to do no matter how ridiculous or difficult or time consuming it seems? 

Jesus is that peace your marriage desperately needs. Just like Jesus was the solution that the Cana of Galilee wedding needed in John 2. They could have despise Him, refuse to acknowledge Him and disobey Him, to their detriment. They chose rather to not ignore The Importance of Peace in Marriage!

Don’t just be a church goer, a prayer warrior, a demon chaser, don’t just know Jesus (they must have known Him to invite Him to the wedding). Recognize Him as the final authority in your marriage. Whatever Jesus tells you to do, DO IT, and you will experience miracles beyond your imagination.

God bless your marriage

Thought for the day.

I need Jesus in my life and marriage

I will not only have Jesus passively in my marriage but I will listen to His voice and obey Him.

Lord help me to make you the Lord of my marriage.

Mary then went to the servers and told them, “Whatever Jesus tells you, do it!” 
John 2:5 TPT

Read a book on how to hear God’s voice

John 2

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