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Let’s look at this short story about Bimpe, as we seek to understand the God that answers prayers. Bimpe ensured that everyone around her felt her sadness and displeasure. She sighed sadly, squeezed her face, hissed many times, kept a low profile and didn’t give much attention when spoken to.

God had not answered her prayers. This was like the hundredth time she had asked for Sola, her friend, who was failing miserably at school. Her last test score was poor and the rest of the class made fun of her when the teacher announced the scores.

Wasn’t God supposed to answer prayers? Wasn’t He the All-Powerful and Great God? The All-Knowing, All-Seeing and All-Doing God? She couldn’t help but wonder why God didn’t want Sola to do well at school.

‘You have been sighing and frowning since you came back from school and all morning too,’ her mother said to her later that day. ‘What’s going on with you? Care to share?’

‘It’s God,’ Bimpe replied.

‘What about God?’

‘He didn’t answer my prayer.’

‘What have you been praying for?’

‘I have been asking Him to help Sola pass her exams and tests at school.’

‘And how do you know so?’ her mother asked again.

‘She failed the test again yesterday. Doesn’t God answer prayers anymore?’

‘Of course, He still answers prayers and will always do so.’

Her mother wondered why she would ask such a question.

Then why hasn’t He answered my prayers? Why is Sola still failing her tests?’

‘Is she studying as she should? Does she listen in class and understand her lessons?’

‘She does, mum. She sits beside me in class.’

‘Have you tried asking her what the problem is and maybe help her study after school?’

Bimpe paused and thought about this. She had never asked Sola that. ‘No, mommy. I have never asked her what the problem was.’

‘There goes your answered prayer.’

Have you ever felt like Bimpe?
Apart from praying for someone, you can always ask them what the problem is and see if you can help. That can be your answered prayers sometimes.

Have a blessed day, God bless you. Amen.

Lord, thank You for the many ways you answer my prayers.

Action plan:
Be more detailed when talking to God.

I receive answers to all my prayers.

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