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The concluding part of this interesting story will be the different decisions these couples have to make.

Until you take responsibility and make decisions, whatever situation you were in remains the same or gets worse. To enjoy your marriage and live with love and understanding with your spouse is a decision every couple would have to make at one point in time or another.

The success of your marriage is in your hands and it’s a personal adventure. The success of your marriage is not dependent on past, present, or future status; it is dependent on your personal decision to make it work.

Marriage is not a 50-50 thing, it’s a 100 – 100 thing, where the wife is ready to fulfill her part 100% and the husband ready to fulfill 100%.

Husbands, don’t love your wife because she respects you. You love her because Jesus Christ commands you so. Love is an unconditional commitment that ensures the object of our love is fully satisfied.

The same thing with wives, you don’t submit and respect because he loves you, you submit because you are committed to obeying God’s word.

Having said all these, here are practical decisions these couples have to make.

1. Learn to respect your spouse no matter under whatever circumstances. Honor each other as covenant partners so that you can enjoy God’s blessing.

2. Never compare yourselves with other couples. You are unique as a couple. Walk out your own uniqueness and stick with it.

3. Never allow other people’s opinions to influence the way you treat your spouse especially if the influence is negative.

4. It is just smart to have godly mentors you can talk about your marital issues with. Your mentors give counsel, instructions, and encouragements to avoid unnecessary pitfalls in your marriage.

5. What you don’t appreciate, depreciates. Learn to appreciate each other always, appreciate your little efforts.  

6. Don’t take each other’s happiness for granted. Sow into each other’s happiness tank.

7. Learn to have memorable moments together. Create fun and spice it up with laughter as often as possible.

8. Make God and His word your final authority as regards every area of your life. Let God be your common focus.

9. Celebrate things your spouse consider important. Don’t down-talk what they celebrate.

10. Be kind and generous to each other. Give yourselves money, time, attention, and affection.

11. Watch your attitudes, body language, voice tone, and actions. They all matter in building a lasting loving marriage.

12. You cannot be selfish. Love gives and puts the other first.

13. Never try to outsmart your spouse. You are a team, work together as such.

14. Learn to be quick to forgive. Marriage is for two quick forgivers. 

15. Learn conflict resolution and communication skills, they are lifelines for your marriage.

God bless our homes and marriages in Jesus name.

I will respect my partner at all times

Lord Jesus, lead me to the rightful person for me

After all, we don’t want to unwittingly give Satan an opening for yet more mischief – we’re not oblivious to his sly ways! (2Co 2:11 MSG)

Decide to do it God’s way

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