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What are you teaching your children? To pray and trust? Or to worry and murmur? Daddy and mommy always sighed when there was no food in the house. Jade, their first daughter wasn’t happy either whenever together with her two brothers, they were sent back home because of school fees.

Ever since daddy lost his job, events like these have been frequent. She wished she could help out, but what can a nine-year-old do?

At church, her teacher mentioned that God hears our prayers. She entered her room, shut the door behind her, went on her knees, and began to pray, “Our heavenly father, I know you hear prayers. Daddy and mommy need your help. Please, provide for them.”

“Pray at all times.” (GNB)

I Thess. 5:17

Children, God hears your prayers much the same way He hears your parents. Your father in heaven wants you to pray always for your parents. Your prayers will release God’s blessings on them.

He wants you to pray to Him not only when things are bad, but always. He is a caring and loving God who hears everyone’s prayers and is ready to answer them.

He is waiting to hear your prayer.

“God made our ears – can’t he hear? He made our eyes – can’t he see? “

Psa. 94:9

Lord, help me to pray for my parents. Provide for them as they go about providing for me. Be their helper, in Jesus name. Amen.

Action point:
Pray to God about that pressing issue.

My children are prayerful. They understand the power in their words. God answers them speedily.

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