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An adventure is filled with many electrifying, great and interesting moments. There will be periods when the fun reaches sky-high and totally takes your breath away. And moments when you think this has got to be the coolest thing you have ever seen or experienced in your life. Much like how some cool people in the bible felt when they took an adventure with God.

Did I just hear you ask if God likes an adventure? He definitely does. What did you think happened during creation? God was on an adventure- He was creating experiences, things, animals, trees, people, the sun, moon and much more.

What if God had called you when He was about to create the world? How would you have felt if you were there when He was creating the world? How would you have reacted when He created the animals? If you were there, what would you have done? When you saw the sun and moon, how would you feel? What questions would you have asked Him? How would you feel on that adventure with God?

On the first day, when He created light, would you have asked Him why? When He rested on the seventh day, would you have asked Him why? And even asked Him, why He stopped at seven?

Going on an adventure with God can never be uneventful or boring. It definitely will be full of fascinating events, people and situations. Or what do you think?

In our new series we will look at adventures with God and how it turned out for the people that followed God.

May the Lord take you on adventures with Him. Amen.

Thank you Lord for your love for adventure. As I read about some of them, help me to appreciate your mighty power. Adventure with God is my lot In Jesus’ name, amen.

Action point:
Put on your power of imagination as the journey begins tomorrow.

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