True Language of Love Is Time

True Language of Love Is Time

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True Language of Love Is Time

Spend time together and communicate!

A man or woman especially in a relationship or marriage is always saying something, always speaking.

It may be verbal or internal.

Make sure you are verbalizing everything between each other.

When you get internal, the devil can often bring confusion through assumptions.

Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge.

Keep talking.

True Language of Love Is Time

It is in the atmosphere of secrecy that adultery can be initiated. 

Once you are open to your spouse, it becomes difficult to cheat on him or her.

A lying heart is secretive by default.

Spend time and talk! Bond together!

Bond together to the point that a third party has no access.

For singles in courtship, if you’ve not been communicating for days, I doubt whether you really love each other.

How can he say he loves you and yet he has not called in three weeks, or you are the only one always calling while the other person is busy?

Be careful lest you are just in love with yourself!

True Language of Love Is Time

Love communicates.

Love gives. For God so LOVED the world that He GAVE…

Love keeps in touch…daily.

Love is thoughtful.

Love is verbal.

Love is not vindictive.

Love is not continually bitter.

Love is tender.

Love is not violent.

Love cannot stay away too long and not be bothered.

Love honours you and honours your God.

Nobody proposes in silence and nobody says “yes” in silence. 

Love is not silent!

You can be quiet because of your personality type, but you shouldn’t be quiet toward your spouse

Others can look at you and say you are such a quiet person, but your spouse should always be like “This one is quiet? Ha! You don’t know him or her! 

Be your spouse’s closest friend, gist partner, confidant, and pal! 

I will stop here this morning. I pray that God will give you more understanding in Jesus’ name! Be blessed!

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