Thou Shall Not Judge

Thou Shall Not Judge

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Thou shall not judge. Beatrice scolded Mary from afar with her eyes. How could she not know that taking money from the cashier’s table was stealing? And now everyone knew what had happened.

They were good friends at school and Beatrice couldn’t bear the shame and embarrassment her friend had brought on her. She vowed not to be friends with Mary again.

Weeks before, Beatrice’s mother had followed her to school to see the principal. Beatrice had four textbooks that didn’t belong to her. She had taken them from the bags of her classmates without them noticing.

The principal had scolded her and asked her to return the books and meted out some punishment to her.

All through this, Mary never disowned her or felt embarrassed or ashamed as Beatrice felt now. How come Beatrice suddenly thinks she is better than Mary and labels her a sinner?

Here is what the bible says about sinners.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

Romans 3:23

The verse tells us that we were once sinners and not fit to receive God’s love but for Jesus who died that we might experience the glory of God in our lives.

No one can say that he or she has never sinned. Only God can not sin. Once we were sinners and now God has redeemed us from the consequences of sin through Jesus.

With this verse, understand that we can only continue to ask for forgiveness for our sins and receive help to not sin consciously.

And we are not to also judge others as sinners. Do not be like Beatrice, be like God, and don’t judge.

May the Lord give you the grace to not judge anyone. Amen

Lord, help me not to judge anyone, most especially my friends. Help me to love them.

Action point:
Before you judge anyone, ask yourself if you have ever done anything like they did. Would you like to be judged? 

I will not be judgemental.

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