From Conflict to Connection: Using Gentle Responses 

From Conflict to Connection: Using Gentle Responses 

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From Conflict to Connection: Using Gentle Responses 

By the power of the Holy Spirit, I want to share with you something this morning that will help us avoid conflicts that might cause contention, malice, hurts, and offenses in our relationships and marriages.

It appears to be extremely easy because, in my experience, simple yet deep things are what lead to tremendous success in life. While they are straightforward, they are not simple to execute. We shouldn’t be having problems in our marriages if they were so simple. 

We are unable to bring ourselves to do so, though, due to our pride, ego, human impulses, selfishness, lack of patience, and understanding. 

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From Conflict to Connection: Using Gentle Responses 

I’m referring to our reactions here. How you and your spouse or fiance converse. In every moment, the way you respond is crucial.

In reality, the way we respond determines how things will go. The actual words that are said are not as significant as our reactions and attitudes.

Pro 15:1 KJV
A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

As a partner, we should be particularly mindful of our reactions. Never let your answer as a wife come from a place of rage. Find out what a gentle response entails. 

Find out what a kind response is as a spouse. Instead of demonstrating that you “are the son of your father” or the “man of the house,” it is preferable to turn away wrath in your marriage. 

Does that imply that I shouldn’t respond severely to my wife or husband when they speak to me? That is, after all, what the verse is stating. 

That is quite challenging. That is why I previously stated that something simple does not automatically make it simple to perform.

From Conflict to Connection: Using Gentle Responses 

It requires our knowledge, judgment, and perseverance. 

You must decide if you want to maintain your ego and correct your wife or husband brutally or whether you want to learn how to provide a “soft answer.” 

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No matter how much you might want to respond brutally, resist the urge and instead to respond gently instead. God will intervene and divert the rage, struggle, disagreement, offense, and malice that will cause harm and an implacable spirit if He can get one spouse to respond gently.

From Conflict to Connection: Using Gentle Responses 

As singles, if you are already being abused and battered with words that are like arrows, you might need to consider counseling, By no means should you keep quiet and continue with wedding plans without addressing such abuses. Everything you are seeing before the wedding is a snapshot of the reality that awaits you. If you are not happy as a single in courtship, a wedding will not change anything! 

Good morning! 


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