Skin Deep Or Real Thing?

Skin Deep Or Real Thing?

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Skin Deep Or Real Thing? Sally is in love with George but George is not in love with Sally! It is not a good idea to be in love with the one that is not in love with. Outwardly, the relationship looks cool, like something you even want to envy, but it’s actually riddled with insecurities, endless quarrels and perpetual suspicion. The relationship is only skin deep!

The Johnsons who have been married for a while are great actors. They have been living in a cycle of strife, but they have learnt to put up appearances. All they are interested in is how people see them, not how God sees them. They are just going through the motions, their love is just skin deep and any little provocation would result in expulsion of deep seated magma within the crust of their hearts. 

We have been looking at the book of Ezekiel for a while, and this morning, I want to show you an insight God gave me here which describes many relationships and marriages! Skin Deep Or Real Thing?

We looked at verse 7 yesterday. Today, we are looking at verse 8

Eze 37:8 (KJV) And when I beheld, lo, the sinews and the flesh came up upon them, and the skin covered them above: but there was no breath in them.

Sinews, flesh and skin came upon the bones! What an astounding miracle! 

But there is a “But”

It says there is no breath in them! It was a miracle, but not complete! 

This describes a lot of relationships and marriages. Just skin deep. Covered with sinews and flesh, but no breath. So it is still lifeless.

A little provocation, there is fight. A little correction there is strife for a month. A different opinion, there are tantrums, withdrawal, and silent treatments! Good and playful intentions are seen as an affront and disrespect. The couple is walking on egg shells!

That relationship or marriage has sinews, flesh and skin, but no breath! Skin Deep Or Real Thing?

What did God do? He didn’t give up.

He said again, Prophesy! 

So you don’t give up at this stage. There is hope because it’s not completely dry bones again, at least there is sinews and skin now! 

Pray this morning, that God will complete His work in your life, relationship  and marriage in Jesus name! You may also use REVIVE day 5 to pray as that was what we discussed and prayed about. You will see the video below! 

Good morning!



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