The Spider Which Entered Into Greatness

The Spider Which Entered Into Greatness

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It’s a lie! A Spider cannot be in the palace. How can you even conceive that? Merely saying it is so disrespectful to royalty. Who granted it entrance? Do you mean it went through the palace guards? How dare such a creature be allowed into the most secured and guarded place?

It can’t just be. Maybe you did not see well, or maybe you are hungry and you are taken by mirage or simply hallucinating. It can’t be! Spider sha? No way!

If you re even talking of a lion in all its strength, we can understand. If you say it’s an elephant, oh that is understandable, for who will dare stop the humongous beast from trampling on where it wants?

But a spider! Ordinary spider. Something I can crush with my leg. Spider ko, spider man ni!

But wow, there it is. The spider is actually in the palace!

How did it enter!

The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings’ palaces.

Pro 30:28 (KJV)

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As married couples, you must take hold with your hands and bring something concrete to the table.

Husbands who don’t work or are lazy eventually become docile and end up abdicating their responsibility and alongside their leadership of the home.

Wives who don’t work or are lazy end up becoming liabilities, resorting to being busybodies and gossips. As they say, an idle mind is devil’s workshop.

Don’t get me wrong! There are times you can’t help it and you are simply sacked or just couldn’t get a good job in time.

At such times, you are to stay with your spouse and pray through those times because you know that your spouse is not lazy.

What I am saying is that you can be out of jobs for whatever reason, but never be out of work!

Create work for yourself, and be skillful in the discharge of your gifts. You will eventually find yourself in the palace and in a great place, by taking hold with your hands!

I pray God grants you more understanding.

I am not a lazy man/woman.

Ask for the enablement to use your gifts well.

Psalms 78:72 (KJV) So he fed them according to the integrity of his heart; and guided them by the skilfulness of his hands.

Learn a skill.

PS 78

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