The Day I Met My Dream Man 

The Day I Met My Dream Man 

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The Day I Met My Dream Man. The earthquakes going on in their hearts were unprecedented. All it took was the locking of their eyes for a brief moment, less than ten seconds, and sparks flew everywhere. There were no warning tremors. Its magnitude is massive enough to destroy a whole city block. It wasn’t a one-sided spark, it was mutual. 

It was a like a movie straight out of Hollywood kind of meeting, everything seemed in place, the lips, tips, and hips matched the six packs, the muscles, and the beards.

Finally, it was looking like God has answered her prayers! What a good God we serve! The night vigils are finally paying off. The fasting can now be put at bay and wow, What a God of suddenly! Can I recover from the suddenness of God? She thought!

As they approached each other for the all-important introduction, her knees shook, and his lips trembled.  

It looked like a heavenly written love script, except for one thing!

Their hands locked in a romantic handshake, and the handshake shook them, causing their knees to tremble in response to the “heart-quake!”

The Day I Met My Dream Man.

“Hullo, I am Bode!”

What? The voice! God can be so detailed. She wanted this Bass Voice!

“Pleasure meeting you, I am Sandy!”

Bode smiled and there was the gap tooth she wanted! She knew her testimony would be powerful on Sunday!

“I am married!” Bode said!

The shockwave sent into her interrupted the ‘heart-quakes”

“Ohh…” she said in a voice-laden disappointment, and her facial expression changed from one of ecstasy to that of irritation.

“Excuse me, I will like to use the convenience.”

The Day I Met My Dream Man.

That was her escape! She looked at herself in the mirror, a lone tear emerged and she quickly sent it back through the tear duct before it messed with her makeup! 

She wondered how she nearly fell into a trap.

She knew married men is nowhere to go.

“No way, I am not about to mess it all up because of some nonsense feelings. Feelings won’t wreck my journey with God. God has a plan for me.” She affirmed to herself.

As she went home quietly, she thanked God on one side that she wasn’t deceived by that man for she would have fallen into that trap at that moment when all her thinking faculties have been hacked.

She remembered the scripture:

Proverbs 31:30 (KJV)
Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

It was all looking like favour, but it was a trap wrapped up in favour! The dream nan can be the wrong man!

Good morning! 

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