What A Mother Told Her Daughter

What A Mother Told Her Daughter

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What A Mother Told Her Daughter. An ever-green story was told of a beautiful lady who got tired of her husband and sought the help of her mother to get rid of her spouse.  She was however afraid the law of the land will hold her responsible.

I would like to bring back the lessons learned from the advice given by her mother.

Her mother answered:

Yes, my daughter, I can help you, but there is a little task attached.

The daughter asked ‘what task? I am willing and ready to do any task attached to getting rid of him.

Ok, said the mother.

1. You will have to make peace with him so that no one will not suspect when he is dead.

2. You will have to make yourself beautiful in order to look young and attractive to him.

3. You have to take good care of Him and be very nice and appreciative of him.

4. You have to be patient, loving, and less jealous, have more listening ears, be more respectful and obedient.

5. Spend your money for him and don’t get angry even when he doesn’t give you money for whatever.

6. Don’t raise your voice against him but encourage peace and love so that you will never be suspected when he must have died.

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Can you do all these? The mother asked?

Yes, I can, she replied.

She gave a powder to her daughter. Add it to his food daily. It will kill him slowly, she said.

After 30 days of adhering to all the tasks, she came back to her mother and said;

Mother, I have no intention of killing my husband again. As of now, I have grown to love him because he is completely changed. He is now a very sweet husband than I ever imagine.

What can I do to stop the poison from killing him? She asked in a sorrowful tone.

Do not worry my daughter. The powder is only turmeric powder. It is not meant to kill him.

In reality, you were the poison that was slowly killing your husband with tension and dispassion

When you start being nice, respectful, loving, and cherishing your husband, he begins to be nice, caring, and wonderful.

Every woman has a magic wand in her hands to change her marriage and her husband. Your husband will respond to your change.

Ask yourself, if you were in a secret reality show that is willing to offer you $10, 000,000 if you will follow the above task, will you commit to following the task?

If you can do this for riches, how much more for the invaluable, unquantifiable benefits of obeying God and honoring our husbands?

Think about this and may God grant you understanding.

God bless your marriage.

I am a patient and loving spouse.

Lord, give me the wisdom to know how to love my spouse.

Ecc 10:19 A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things

Put the above points to practice

Eccl 10


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