These Are What I Did Because I Was In Love – Part 3

These Are What I Did Because I Was In Love – Part 3

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Continued from yesterday…

8. I wrote her a lot of poems and love letters

There was no Facebook or WhatsApp. No E-Mail. No phones. So, I resorted to writing letters.

Over twenty-five years, those letters are still with us. Letters are powerful. And it is easier today because you can communicate using several media.

Stay in touch.

When he has not called you in weeks, he is not in love with you. I can assure you!

When a guy is getting ready to drop a lady, he would simply stop calling. Communication will wind down.

If as a lady, you find out you are the one driving a relationship, he never calls and he never returns your call, it is time to wake up into reality. He has moved on! You are probably just in love with yourself.

9. I was willing to buy things for her at my own expense

Out of a meager income, I bought her what I could. I had to deprive myself some of the time to do that.

Love gives. Love delights in giving.

When he is in love, he would give without you having to ask anything.

I am scared of guys who had never given a dime and yet keep receiving all kinds of gifts. That is a one-way relationship. It is not mutual and it would not last.

10. I was constantly in touch

I knew what was going on with her every time. I assisted in writing her final year thesis.

A man that loves you will not forget to call you in three weeks. In fact, he would stay in touch with you till you feel it is too much.

When you say you are in love and yet you don’t even know his second name or where he works, something is not quite right.

I pray for you today, your precious time will not be wasted.

God will strengthen you and correct every relationship errors in Jesus name!

Be blessed!

I make the right choice in God.

Lord, help me to be more creative in loving my partner

1 Corinthians 13:4 Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,

Pray for wisdom

1 cor 13


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How Your Children Can Praise The Lord

How Your Children Can Praise The Lord

Reading Time: 2 minutes

How often do you praise the Lord? During family devotions in the mornings? On the assembly ground at school? Sunday school?

Psalm 145:1 “I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever. Everyday I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever.”

You must have a personal time where you praise the Lord . There are so many ways to do this. Some ways are:

1. Reading psalms of praise from the bible.
2. Play and sing along to praise songs.
3. Sing from your heart praise songs.
4. Write love letters to God telling Him how much You love Him.
5. Write poems of praise.

When you praise the Lord, you are exalting Him over everything and everyone in all the earth and heaven. You are acknowledging Him as your Lord. God enjoys our praises. He delights in them, and he wants us to continually praise Him.

Only God deserves your praise. Make it a daily habit of praising God. You don’t have to spend long hours at it unless you are led to do so. And ensure that the time you have put aside for praising God is used for that. Don’t allow distractions.

Focus on God and His mightiness and splendor. He wants to hear you praise Him always. It is a good thing to praise the LORD! And it’s something you should learn to do always. Praise the Lord!

God bless you and receive your praises. Amen .

Lord, thank you for receiving my praises. You are the Almighty God. The Lord highest. I praise You with all my being. Help me to always praise You. Amen.

Action points:
Praise the Lord for some time today. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you new ways to praise God.

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