Two Things Every Single Should Go For

Two Things Every Single Should Go For

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There are two things in life that are so important and pertinent that if you can have them, you are good to go. They are two things you need in relationships, marriage and life. They are the two things you need at work, in your school, in your business and in every sphere of life.

The Presidents of nations will pay millions to get these two things and the common man will desperately search for them. What are these two things?

These two things have caused not a few to dabble into the occult and some other terrains that are dangerous.

People are willing to pay millions for these two things. Some die in their bid to get them and some even lose their lives when they fail to get it right. Some have committed suicide at their inability to have these two things.

Everyday of our lives, we are trying to answer these two questions. We make decisions based on our projections on these two things.

What are these two things?

1. Profitability or fruitfulness
2. Direction or Navigation

That is the summary of success in life. The young girl wants to know who to fall in love with. That’s direction. She also wants to know whether it will last or be fruitful and then lead to marriage. That’s profitability.

The young man wants to know which career to follow or business to do. That’s direction. He also wants to know whether it will eventually make him rich. That is profitability.

The minister of God wants to know what God will have him do. Is it a church or an itinerant ministry? That’s direction. He also wants to know whether the church will grow or the itinerant ministry will prevail. That is profitability.

And it goes on like that all through life. We are constantly tying to search and check. Will it prosper? Is it the right direction?

Life without a compass can be frustrating. One can be lost in the meandering paths of life without a navigation system. There is nothing as tiring as proceeding on a journey without direction. And after you have direction, what will I do when I get there? We are all in a race, so says Apostle Paul, but then to where? Speed in the wrong direction can be a tragedy of life.

God gave me a scripture that answers with all finality what I have been discussing with you this morning. Direction and Profitability!

Here is the scripture.

Thus saith the Lord, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the Lord thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go. (Isaiah 48:17 KJV)

This scripture nailed it all.

I am the Lord thy God which teacheth thee to profit – Profitability.

I am the Lord thy God which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go – Direction.

In studying some of these words in Hebrew from where they are translated, I saw some beautiful truths.

The word “teacheth” is “lamad” and it means amongst other things, “to diligently and expertly instruct” Do you believe God is an expert enough to teach you in your relationship, marriage, career, business and so on?

And then, the word that interested me most and caused an explosion of revelation within me is this. The word “Profit” is “yaal” and it means to “properly ascend,” to be “valuable” and “useful”

I know you have ascended a little in life, but we are talking about “to properly ascend!” God is about to expertly and diligently instruct you to properly ascend and to be valuable and useful!

And then He says He will lead you in the way to go. The right man to get married to, the right lady to go after, the business to choose and the career to settle with.

Get ready as God teaches you to profit and also leads you in the way to go! When you have these two things; success is inevitable!

I see God teaching you and leading you! It is difficult in the natural realm to have these two together. A good teacher may not know how to lead. A good leader may not know how to teach. But in God, we have both! You will succeed. God will lead you. He will teach you. You will no longer be confused! The light of God dawns upon your soul right now.

From this morning, you know what to do and where to go. You will no longer draw a blank, God is your teacher and you leader. From this morning, you will no longer be lost in the maze and turns of life that leads nowhere, you will have direction and you will profit! Why? God said so! Go ahead and speak that into your life!

I am led and taught by God.

Pray that God will lead you to your right partner.

Isa 48:17 (BBE) ‎The Lord who takes up your cause, the Holy One of Israel, says, I am the Lord your God, who is teaching you for your profit, guiding you by the way in which you are to go.

Pray in the spirit.

Isaiah 48


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