Don’t Miss These Two Crucial Points

Don’t Miss These Two Crucial Points

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Don’t Miss These Two Crucial Points

Marriage is a significant aspect of our lives that is meant to span our entire adult years, an enduring commitment till death do us part. To ensure a happy and fulfilling marriage, we must be content with our spouse and with ourselves. Here, I present two valuable tips to help you achieve this blissful union.

Don’t Miss These Two Crucial Points 

1. Let Go of Past Mistakes

In any marriage, challenges are inevitable. We are all a work in progress and bound to face both current and past issues. However, dwelling on past mistakes is akin to unearthing old wounds, and it signals a lack of forgiveness towards your partner.

Forgiveness is a cornerstone of a successful marriage. You cannot move forward or experience happiness if you’re constantly revisiting past grievances. Make an effort to release the past and resist the urge to shame your spouse with reminders of their previous mistakes.

It takes considerable maturity to keep the past where it belongs. Remember, what goes around comes around, and you may need forgiveness in the future. Embrace forgiveness as a divine virtue, and let it permeate your marriage.

`As singles, forgive yourself as well despite your past mistakes. The important thing is not to repeat the same errors. Forgive yourself and love yourself, so that you can be loved appropriately 

Don’t Miss These Two Crucial Points

2. Prioritize Each Other

In today’s fast-paced world, the problem of neglecting one’s spouse has become increasingly prevalent. Many couples find themselves prioritizing others over their life partners, leading to a lack of emotional connection.

To maintain a strong bond with your spouse, it’s crucial to focus on each other with undivided attention. Cultivate a heart-to-heart connection that transcends mere words and draws you closer together.

Resist distractions, emotional affairs, and wandering thoughts that hinder your ability to focus on your spouse. Let your partner continually capture your spirit, soul, and body. After God, the next is your spouse!  Regardless of anyone else’s physical attributes, your spouse is your one and only. The key lies in maintaining the integrity of your heart.

As singles in courtship, avoid sexual intimacy in your bid to prioritize each other. Sexual sins will only welcome confusion into the equation. 

In conclusion, let us strive for a deeper understanding and stronger bonds in our marriage. May your union be blessed with lasting joy and harmony in the mighty name of Jesus.


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