Killer Attitudes In Relationships And Marriage

Killer Attitudes In Relationships And Marriage

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Killer Attitudes In Relationships And Marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have not spoken to each other for one month! What? Are you whining me ni? And yet they are both praying daily! Don’t they understand?

There are the good days in marriage and those “bad” days when issues arise between married couples. There are days singles in courtship go out for ice cream, eat out, to cinemas, and all that and there are days calls are not picked up! Killer attitudes in relationships and marriage must not be allowed to seep in!

Wise couples make up their mind that nothing will come between them. Foolish couples gravitate to the times and allow situations to determine their joy.

It is wise to work together and get past “feelings!” It is a fool who fights and bickers over everything.

When the couple is financially buoyant, husband and wife are friends. When the finances are down, there is tactical withdrawal on one or both sides.

Love in marriage should not be based on what is available or what is not.

When either of the spouses starts feeling cheated, it is a fundamental and foundational issue whether they really love themselves genuinely.

If husband and wife have a mutual understanding that they are one, it becomes easier to handle these tense moments.

Selfishness has many flavours. The husband or wife is not complaining, but there is uneasy silence and withdrawal. At the end of the day, they often mess up their faith and their trust in God.

The devil loves such moments. He brings all kinds of suggestions and lies. But then, the devil has nothing to bring to the table except falsehood.

Oh, that husband and wife learn to be sensitive to these antics of the devil.

Be wise. Be prayerful. Never conclude and never think evil of your spouse.

Every time thoughts seep in that your spouse who has been good has suddenly become evil and wicked, know that the devil is at work.

You must be wise and learn to discern the antics of the devil and then reject them.

Singles, beware of sinful traps. These traps slow things down. They often hinder prayers! It is absurd to be praying and fasting for who to marry and at the same time you are giving your body out to hold down potential guys.

“If I no give am, wetin he want, he go leave me na!”

“Make in go na! Abeg!” In name be Abedne-go!

Dear singles, hear me, the one who really loves you will not insist on sex or trap you with sex! Both the guy or the lady can be guilty of this! There is a difference between sex, love, and lust! 

Singles and Married, beware of self-deception. These are Killer Attitudes In Relationships And Marriage. You are in strife but you tell yourself all is well. Religious spirits collude with self-deception and there will be a shipwreck of faith. Fasting and prayer become a waste of time because the heart is not right.

Some of the things you get angry over are things that should bring out compassion in you towards your spouse of lover if you indeed love yourselves.

And in these vulnerable moments, know that the devil can easily set you in direct or indirect adultery.

Suddenly enjoying the company of the opposite sex at such moments shows that hell is strategizing over you. Going a step further into a discussion at emotional levels, laughing together, throwing banters at each other while you come home to your spouse grouchy and irritated are all orchestrations of hell to thwart God’s purpose, frustrate your prayers, and make you a loser at the end.

Be wise. Be sensitive. Be selfless. Be spiritual.

And what makes this even more intense, is that all prayers at such moments of tactical strife and buried irritations are truncated.

God looks into the heart. So, the scripture aptly says

Pro 4:23 (KJV)  Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

What is going on in your heart?

Somebody who had a revelation of heaven said that our thoughts in heaven are louder than our voices on earth. If that is the case, what do you think you are saying to all of heaven in your thoughts? Would you be proud of them? Selah!

I pray that God will give you more understanding and strength to make needed changes. Let go of these killer attitudes and thank me later! 

Be blessed in your marriage.

My heart is right toward my spouse

Lord, help me in my marriage

Gal 6:9  And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

Pray for your spouse

Job 40 – 42


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