When Your Lover Says These Do Not Ignore

When Your Lover Says These Do Not Ignore

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When Your Lover Says These, Do Not Ignore. Mrs. Johnson became distracted and was falling in love with another man at her work place. She really loved God and yet she was sliding down the drain. She couldn’t believe it. Her mind was convoluted, and her emotions were like a roller coaster. She continually expressed her situation to her husband in very subtle statements, but her insensitive husband couldn’t decode the precarious situation.

On the other hand, George who was seeing Sandy was getting distracted by another lady. He tried getting attention of Sandy so as to fend off the new feelings, but Sandy did not have time for him, hence his vulnerability was amplified.

The reality is that statements made by singles in courtship or those married often show the depth of the trap within a relationship or marriage.

Even when you are not in any relationship as a single, your utterances can often reveal the kind of issues you have and that you need to address.

It happens all the time. Born again or not. Distractions set in. Traps come in various forms. Attacks in the mind and against the marriage are incessant.

Adulterous traps, akin to traps used to catch rats, are demonically placed all over. Snares, on almost every turn.

There are statements that your spouse or lover makes that show he or she is being distracted and needs your attention. Don’t ignore your spouse at such moments because you are needed to salvage the situation.

When Your Lover Says These, Do Not Ignore

What are those statements?

Here we go.

1. You don’t have time for me again

You are always around your spouse and yet he or she makes this statement? You need to pay attention lest somebody take your place emotionally. This statement is calling for you to make time available so your lover or spouse can have reassurance that will help deflect the new rush of feelings!

Do not ignore it!

Do not defend!

Do not argue!

Do not turn it into ridicule.

Just make time and have some deep conversations.

Let me drop a word for singles that are not in any relationship. When a single friend says this to you, he or she is trying to show interest and is weighing your reaction to know whether to pursue or retreat!  Testing the waters! 

So if you don’t like the person and you are not considering any commitments, you can reply with

“Which time now? I be your boyfriend / girlfriend?”

That is enough red light!

But if you really love the person, then you say something like this:

“Haba! You know that you are special to me, don’t you?:”

The person will get the green light to proceed.

When Your Lover Says These Do Not Ignore

2. You are far away from me
When your spouse makes this statement, don’t take it lightly. Don’t fight or turn it into a quarrel. Listen to what is being said and what is not being said.

It is possible to be physically close to the one you love, and yet be far away emotionally. That is why couples who sleep on the same bed daily can often complain of loneliness. Sounds ridiculous? It’s the reality!

This person is telling you that the farther away you are, emotionally, the bigger the gap you leave for others to fill.

Married couples, prioritize your relationship with your spouse.

For those in a relationship, and not yet married, there is a twist to this statement. You need to find out if the statement is genuine or simply a call to give in to sex. Some tact and wisdom are needed here. Some decoding of words, and finding out of motives is required here.

When Your Lover Says These, Do Not Ignore. I will stop here and continue later.

I am not deceived

Lord, lead me in the right way!

Psa 74:20 (MSG)  Remember your promises; the city is in darkness, the countryside violent.

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