Getting to Truly Know My Partner

Getting to Truly Know My Partner

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Getting to Truly Know My Partner

A successful relationship leading to a wedding and a successful marriage as a couple requires a certain type of humility!

It is interesting how you start a relationship and you are sure you already know your lover only to find out that you are clueless.

It is equally amazing, how your solid pride about being an expert loverboy or girl is completely shattered after the wedding. You suddenly discover that all your dexterity as a fantastic and romantic human is useless and you can’t seem to please your spouse! How humbling!

Now you are married or in a relationship and your dream of living happily ever after has turned into living sadly daily!

The relationship or marriage is riddled with persistent quarrels that seem unending. Strife has become a part of the home. The once lover/husband who used to be funny than Brother Shaggy has become a shadow of himself and can no longer make you smile. 

The once happy babe who laughs at any little effort has hibernated into a cocoon, which seems sealed.

What do you do, either in courtship or marriage?

You must come into that humbling space and tell God you hardly know the one you are married to. Tell God to forgive your assumptions and teach you how to love your fiancee, husband, or wife! 

The anointing we have teaches us all things! Including how to love appropriately! 1 Jn 2:27

Humble yourself and pray that prayer. Read books, get a relationship or marriage mentor, and become accountable! Check some of the courses we have HERE and make an effort to invest in your relationship or marriage! You cannot just be looking while things deteriorate! I usually say it is better to invest in your relationship or marriage than to pay a lawyer to handle separation or divorce! That will never be your portion in Jesus’ name!

If these are not in place, you are not seeking a solution! 

The devil doesn’t want you to live in peace! All he wants to do is scatter that union. Don’t allow him. Commit to fighting for your relationship or marriage by doing the right things, humbling yourself, and reaching out to God to help you! Good morning!


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