Crossing the Divide: An Entrance And A Coming

Crossing the Divide: An Entrance And A Coming

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Crossing the Divide: An Entrance And A Coming. You are born again. Your spouse or fiancee is born again. You both go to church. And for that, you believe so much it’s going to be living joyfully ever after. 

But it didn’t turn out to be. Issues arose. Differences spiked. Hot voluptuous words were vociferously exchanged. Things fell apart quickly and in an unbelievable happenstance, the one you loved so much became the one you are irritated with so much.

You could not reconcile the days he used to show up with chocolates and gifts with the present day he would show up with frowns and a cranky attitude. 

He complains about everything. 

She is so disrespectful. 

He is so insensitive and uncaring.

She doesn’t know how to cook again. Her soup is now sour.

He simply deceived me. How did I fall for his lies? He really didn’t love me. 

The both of you begin to wonder how you claim to have Jesus and all of this is happening. 

Crossing the Divide: An Entrance And A Coming

Well, let me admonish you from one verse the Holy Spirit quickened to me early in my prayer time this morning.

Mat 8:5 (KJV) And when Jesus was entered into Capernaum, there came unto him a centurion, beseeching him,

Just as Jesus entered Capernaum, He did enter your lives. But that is not the end of the story.

That verse went on to posit, that there came unto Him…

It is not enough that Jesus entered your lives, now you must come unto Him. 

Both of you.

Consciously. Deliberately. 

Crossing the Divide: An Entrance And A Coming

You must seek Him in your relationship and marriage, and involve Him in all you do.

You may be an expert lover boy or lover babe, but your romantic dexterity will not be enough to navigate the complex waters of marital endeavor.

So daily,  if possible, hourly, you call on Him, you converse, you listen, and you heed His instructions. 

After nearly 24 years after wedding my wife, I can tell you this works. 

Put Him first place. Honour Him and then you will know how to Honour one another.

Good morning. I still love you all. 

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