Why Are We So Different?

Why Are We So Different?

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Why Are We So Different?

When God created Adam, the first thing he saw was work. God told him to dress the garden. He bonded with work. Since all humanity was in Adam, we inherited the same disposition. That is why that man around you will always get his fulfillment from work. 

When God created Eve, the first thing she saw was a man “toasting” her and staring at her beauty! That is why that woman around you loves to be “toasted,” and gets her fulfillment from home and family.

The man is work oriented and the woman is relationship oriented.

Why Are We So Different?

When a man is out of work or is not working, it affects his self-esteem. When a woman’s love life or family is in disarray, it affects her self-esteem.

When a man meets his friend after many years, the first question is “where do you work now?” When women meet each other after many years, they are showing pictures of the family from their phones!

A man is fulfilled after a good day of work. A woman is fulfilled if she has been loved up with tender loving care since morning!

Why Are We So Different?

Husbands who are workaholics need to be careful. It is a point of quarrel in your home and you may not really know! Ladies who neglect home and care for family need to be careful as well. It will always lead to issues when you fail to care for your home.

Men, leave work at work and don’t bring work home. When you are coming home, think family, think about your wife, be romantic, and your marriage will get better.

Ladies, show interest in your husbands while they work! It will work wonders! Men, go and talk to her while she is getting food ready in the kitchen. She is likely to find that romantic!

There must be balance! Don’t allow her to see your laptop as her rival. Study her love language and speak that language.

Ladies, guys are logical. Be involved in his thoughts. When you are disconnected from him, he gets jealous and he actually begins to think you are someone else!

Keep communication open. Talk about what has been bringing frustration and confront them, rather than sweep them under the carpet.

Why Are We So Different?

Be sincere with each other, and do not hide things from each other. Talk about how you feel, and don’t expect your spouse to be the Holy Spirit that knows all things.

Work like a team and don’t be grouchy over everything. Don’t get hurt by every statement. Be calm, and be patient. Lock the devil out of your home by walking in love with each other and praying for one another.

The same principles work for singles who are in courtship. Make sure there is balance. You can’t say you are busy at work and have not called her in one week! There will be issues. Also, you can’t expect her to be very happy when you are not working and yet you are planning a wedding. What if a man can’t find a job in time? Then find work to do. You may be out of a job, but never be out of work. Simply find something to do and while you are at it, heaven will kiss the earth on your behalf and help will arise for you!

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