When The Deliverer Needs Deliverance 

When The Deliverer Needs Deliverance 

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When The Deliverer Needs Deliverance 

The deliverer’s greatest struggle is the deliverance within! Perhaps, that would be the greatest lesson from the life Mobhad, the young singer who just died. He was in the music industry, bringing fun, music, and excitement to others, while he was dying inside from harassment, bullying, and attacks from those he trusted. May God comfort his family.

Perhaps he tried to talk, but I doubted whether he actually spoke to those who could really help! It was a case of bringing fun to others while dying and eventually dying in the process.

A lot of Pastors are on this table. Preaching, teaching vibrating and yet dying slowly within, often with nobody to talk to! You see your greatest mistake would be not to seek help! A lot of young couples are sitting nicely on this table, watching their homes torn apart slowly and yet refusing to do the right thing!

Yes, it is possible. A person can be so proud that the pride rides him into the grave. The devil’s method is to keep you muted till you are lifeless. That will not be your portion!

Job was once frustrated He was bringing hope to many, being the greatest man in the East, and yet when he was at his lowest ebb, his friend disappointed him so much so that he said,

Job 16:2b (KJV) miserable comforters are ye all.

Have you ever been surrounded by the wrong comforters who bring more misery? Not all your friends can help you!

When The Deliverer Needs Deliverance  

I was on this table sometimes back. I was dealing with a serious issue while bringing hope to many daily! 

Well, I reached out to those above me, and thank God help came! 

Would there even be a time, when you would not be dealing with something in your marriage? I doubt, as long as you are in days of your flesh! Jesus promised us victory, provided you reach out and seek help.

Most times it would cost you time, finances, and your ego! 

When a person is not ready to sacrifice any of that, a crash is imminent! 

You won’t know it all. Those you are admiring and comparing yourself with know where they seek help from, they are smarter.

A couple can keep quiet in their pride and watch their marriage and home degenerate! Going through the motions, helping others while you ate crying within. That is not God’s plan for you. Jesus already died for you, you don’t need to die for anybody! 

Jesus Christ, with having direct access to God, still begged his friends and disciples to pray with him. Sadly they failed him.

When The Deliverer Needs Deliverance 

In the moment when I needed help, a dear older woman of God got us some materials that totally arrested the situation! My wife and I diligently went through these materials over and over again, and then help came!

I have gone through the pain of putting this resource together online for your marriage, alongside the journal/workbook. You are your spouse will spend seven weeks to turn things around in your marriage, whatever the issue is.

Additionally, Pastor Sophia and I will have seven sessions with you and your spouse diligently crossing all the ’T’s and dotting all the ‘I’s in your marital endeavor, prayerfully trusting God to bring help to your situation, and even after the course, we will still be available to mentor you.

It is not free, No, it is not. If you wish to invest this in your marriage, then check it out HERE while the discount is still running. Husband or wife, run to your spouse and convince them to get on this programme asap because both of you have to do this together! 

Cheers to a better, newer, fresher, and blessed marriage as you make the little investment! This investment will be “coins” compared to the lawyer’s fees and all the anguish and agony that comes to the whole family as a result of a separation or divorce.

Good Morning! 

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