Dealing With Bad Dreams and Nightmares  

Dealing With Bad Dreams and Nightmares  

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Dealing With Bad Dreams and Nightmares. Dreams are like windows into the realm of the spirit. Dreams can come from God, from the devil, and from you. 

God can warn you through dreams. They are often a language of the Holy Spirit through which He communicates to us and warns us of dangers ahead.

The devil can cause dreams too through which he injects the spirit of fear and trepidation in other to create a loophole and have access into your lives. Once the spirit of fear grips you and you do nothing about it, it’s an expressway for the devil to cause chaos and carry out his plans. 

Some dreams are harmless, however. These are the ones you have because of the multitude of thoughts and watching too many films or playing an engrossing game. Suddenly you become Jack Bauer and you want to help complete his mission in 24!

Dealing With Bad Dreams and Nightmares  

Now, if you have the gift of seeing and knowing, you have to be careful of what you feed yourself. You have to deliberately avoid junk in order not to contaminate that gift! 

Back to the issue of bad dreams, once you have them, when you wake up, go into the offensive using relevant scriptures, come against those dreams, take authority over them, nullify them, plead the blood of Jesus, and declare that only the counsel of God will stand in your life! 

Joel 2:28 says we will dream dreams! Dreams can be a tool in the hand of the Lord.

Ensure that you are not living in any habitual sins so that the pipe way of information can be sanctified. Once contaminated, confusion sets in! 

Dealing With Bad Dreams and Nightmares  

You will not be confused in Jesus’ name! 

Every spirit assigned to waste opportunities around you via bad dreams, we take authority over them in Jesus’ name! 

Join Revive Prayers throughout this week as we pray against bad dreams! 

Good morning! 


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