How To Handle Affairs in Marriage

How To Handle Affairs in Marriage

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An affair is an illegal relationship with anyone other than your spouse. It could be sexual and non-sexual in nature. Each spouse should set boundaries of how far they can go with the relationship with the opposite sex.
I feel we should all work on our relationship with our spouse in such a way that we will not need other persons to fulfill our desires, cravings, attention, and longings. If we are satisfied emotionally and sexually there will be no reasons for an affair.
We don’t live in a perfect world or perfect situation neither are our spouses perfect.

A born-again child of God is not expected to have an affair. However, when an affair does happen, these are practical steps to go about handling it.
No matter what happens, our spouse remains our covenant partner. We should seek their restoration by handling the situation well. On the part of the spouse having an affair, things should also be handled with all sincerity so that it never happens again.

1. Confrontation

The first step to handling an affair is confronting it. What you don’t confront you can never change. The erring spouse should come to a place where he/ she knows that having an affair is an attempt of the devil to steal, kill and destroy from you. You should call it a sin and not just a mistake.
You are not confronting when you still make excuses or when you explain.

2. Ask for forgiveness.

There is no forgiveness until there is a willingness to turn around from your sins.
The erring spouse should acknowledge that he/she needs to be forgiven.

3. Seek help and support.

That an affair has taken place shows that there are principles you don’t know or are taking for granted. You need to be educated and informed.
This is the time to search for books that talk about how to handling lust, how to handle affairs, how to set healthy boundaries, how to love and satisfy your spouse.
The resources are so much. What reading along this line does is that you get enlightened. When the light comes, ignorance vanishes.
It is also good to learn how you fell, because recognizing the pitfall will help you avoid such next time.

It is my prayer that God will grant us more understanding.

God bless your marriage.

I am committed to my marriage vows.

Lord, help me to love my spouse appropriately.

Ephesians 5:22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

If you are having an affair, make amends today

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