Four Toxic Beliefs You Should Expunge 

Four Toxic Beliefs You Should Expunge 

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Four Toxic Beliefs You Should Expunge 

1. Marriage and work are demanding. I don’t have time for God. God should understand 

God desires that you prioritize him in your life. Everything else can be done later. Our God is a jealous God. God wants you to give Him what is His, regardless of how hard you feel it is to do that.

God should not be replaced with your business or profession. Every waking moment should be given back to God as a family. Make time when there is none to give to God.

2. Because I don’t know what my spouse is doing in my absence, I can also flirt a little.

This is nothing more than deception 

Never allow the devil to control the way you think. The devil will take a mile from you if you give him even a single inch. Avoid making any kind of compromise. Put your spouse first. Don’t make it easy for the devil to harm your family. Don’t play pranks on marriage because it is a covenant.


Four Toxic Beliefs You Should Expunge 

3. In this marriage, it is tit for tat. 

You don’t say things like I’ll show you. You will ‘be showing’ yourself since you are one in marriage. Yes, there will be disagreements, but you need to settle them swiftly and without delay to prevent the emergence of absurd ideas. If you and your spouse can’t communicate, you should first address the hurt before seeking God’s intervention.

Ask someone to whom you both submit for advice.

Four Toxic Beliefs You Should Expunge 

4. I provide money; what more does my spouse need? 

Cash is good. Although it is significant in a marriage, it shouldn’t take precedence over your family. Your wife requests your time and focus. Your kids require their father, you know. You must support your family, yes, but not at their price. You may organize a getaway, a retreat, etc. Just be sure to be present for your loved ones.

I’m praying for you this morning; right now, the mercies of God are resolving every issue in your home. God’s shalom surrounds your marriage. In the name of Jesus, there is restoration of all that is lost! 


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