Attraction After Distraction?

Attraction After Distraction?

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Attraction After Distraction?

Can violence come before a love adventure? Does it make sense to unleash pain on the one you truly love?

Why do victims of rape cleave to their abusers and vice versa?

Why do people go after a person who is not treating them well?

Several reasons, but let’s take a look at one this morning from this story 

Attraction After Distraction?

One day Dinah, the daughter Leah had given Jacob, went to visit some of the women in that country. Shechem, the son of Hamor the Hivite who was chieftain there, saw her and raped her. Then he felt a strong attraction to Dinah, Jacob’s daughter, fell in love with her and wooed her. Gen 34:1-3 (MSG)

Dinah just went on a stroll to see some of her girlfriends in town and then Shechem, (the way the name sounds sef!) saw her, and then the next thing is rape!

After Oga has brutalized the young girl, he starts forming love, bringing flowers, writing poems, and getting into her DM!

Absolute nonsense!

The great question is how does a person “rape” a person he loves?

Well, there is an interplay of lust, deception, and wickedness that is at work here.

At the point of rape, he was not in love but in lust! 

After the rape, there was an illegal cleaving of their souls which led to wooing her!

Attraction After Distraction?

Would this medicine after death be worth it? Never. She had been defiled first, and the cleaving of souls was only a result of soul tie or soul bonding which comes as a result of sexual interaction! 

This is exactly why we warn young ones to stay away from pre-marital sex.

Just as Shechem got confused in his soul and went after the one she defiled, confusion comes when pre-marital sex is involved.

To the married, adultery brings the same consequences. It is the reason a man refuses to pay his children’s school fees but gives money to a side chick for her excesses.

The lesson? Singles, stay away from pre-marital sex, it brings confusion to your soul and lust begins to rule. Where lust rules, agony of heart follows! Couples, stay away from adultery because it brings troubles and havoc as stipulated in the scripture! 

Good morning!

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