My Husband Stands Out Like An Apple Tree

My Husband Stands Out Like An Apple Tree

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My Husband Stands Out Like An Apple Tree

If only men can take their place, if only they can be responsible, if only they can lead rightly, we will surely have fewer broken marriages and damaged hearts! 

Men are important! Daddies are precious. Fathers are golden! 

Most young ladies today have serious defects in their lives because of absentee fathers or non-existent ones, and they, in turn, take this pain and transmit it in raising their own sons thereby perpetuating an anomaly into generations! 

Oh that men would realize that which is committed unto them 

Oh, that man would know that their carelessness does not end with them but initiates a crazy network of consequences that affects the wife, the children, and everybody around! 

Where are the men?

Our text today which inspired all I have written above is taken from  

Song of Solomon 2:3 (KJV)
As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste.

My Husband Stands Out Like An Apple Tree

Let me quickly point out three things here:

  1. An apple tree among other trees

An apple tree is different from all other trees because of the uniqueness of immense benefits encapsulated in the apple.  So should men be!

When a single guy is like an apple tree, he is not like other guys who just want sex, who are just looking for fun, and who don’t mind taking advantage of ladies.

When a married man is like an apple tree, he is different from all other trees, he wouldn’t cheat on his wife and he would not violate the sanctity of their marital covenant!

My Husband Stands Out Like An Apple Tree

2. I sat down under his shadow with great delight

As a man, your shadow should bring shade and comfort to that lady, not the agony of heart!

The lady should find a great sense of security and peace under the protective covering of her beloved. She should feel sheltered and shaded; that she is no longer at the mercy of others, but now under his care.

My Husband Stands Out Like An Apple Tree

3. His fruit was sweet to my taste

The fruits of his spirit should align with the fruit of the spirit. His character should be sweet to her taste!

The remembrance of every single guy should be a sweet taste to the fiancee, not memories of abuse, rape, and violence! 

The remembrance of every husband to his wife should bring sweetness to the palette, not regret and acute bitterness! 

Lord, give our singles ladies men like apple trees among other trees!

Lord, make the husbands of our women, choice men, apple trees among other trees, bringing security and peace, sweetness and bliss in Jesus’ name!

Good morning! 

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