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Just as you study your textbook as a school student, you also have to study the Bible as a spiritual student that you are. As a student, you have textbooks for each subject you are taught in school. As a child of God, the Bible is your spiritual textbook too. Inspired by God to teach you about Him and what He wants you to do.

Textbooks are meant to be read and studied so that you can best understand a subject. You spend time reading and studying them. If the Bible is your spiritual textbook, then you should also spend time studying it too. Pick a book from it, read and study. You just have to study the Bible.

Forming the habit of regularly reading and studying your bible is a brilliant way to grow your spiritual life. Starting early in life is the best. Because as you grow up, it becomes a part of you and you won’t be able to stop reading and studying your Bible. You won’t rest until you study the Bible.

Like Samuel who began to serve in the temple at a young age.

Now Samuel was ministering before the Lord, as a child dressed in a linen ephod [a sacred item of priestly clothing] 1 Samuel 2:19 AMP

His mother gave him to God as she had promised. Under Eli, Samuel learnt about the ways of God and how to serve Him. And as he grew into an adult, with the knowledge of the things of God (…And the boy Samuel grew before the Lord 1 Samuel 2:21 AMP) he became a mighty prophet of God.

The Bible is filled with so much knowledge that will grow your spirit, mind and soul. You just have to study the Bible for yourself. Inside the Bible, you will find stories of love, hate, fear, anger, redemption, and much more. You could read it in the morning, afternoon or at night before you sleep. Even if you have a daily devotional that you read, it still doesn’t take the place of your personal Bible reading plan.

Study the Bible daily. Let regular Bible reading be a part of your daily life. God bless you as you do so. Amen.

Father in Heaven, thank You for the Bible. I receive help to study the Bible daily. Amen.

Action plan:
Pick a version of the Bible, and start to read. As you do so, note things down and ask your parents to explain further for you. Or just ask the Holy Spirit.

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