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Hello dear, it’s another time to learn from God’s word. Today, we will be talking about respecting your parents.

Respect simply means, the ability to recognize and appreciate the rights, beliefs, practices, and differences of other people.

It simply is acting in a way that shows you care about others’ feelings and well-being.

One of the ten commandments given in the Bible says; Honor (respect) your father and mother so that your days will be long.

That’s to further show you that it is the will of God for you to respect your parents.

How Can You Show Respect To Your Parents?

1. Always obey their instructions

2. Do not at any point talk back at them

3. Keep a good attitude when you are corrected

4. Do your house chores accordingly

5. Pray for them always

6. Talk to them often, ask about their jobs

7. Help out at their business places if you are allowed

8. Pay attention to what you are taught in school, so they can get value for the money they spend on you

9. Respect them in the presence of family and friends

10. Be a good child always.

I hope that with these tips, you will be able to please your parents in the coming days.

See you here tomorrow, have a fun-filled day! Amen

Ask for the Grace to remain obedient to those above you.

Action Point:
Show some respect to your parents.

I am an obedient child.

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