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Everyone has names. Your name is a reflection of the relationship between you and another person. You call your mother “mommy” because that is who she is to you – your mother.  She refers to you as her son because she gave birth to you. There is a mother-son relationship between you two.

God, also, has other names.  Did I hear you say what? Yeah, He does. You call Him God, Jehovah, Yahweh, Almighty, and more. But there are also very special ways we refer to God.

These other names tell us about the unique qualities that God possesses.  They tell us of the many different dimensions of how God operates. Like a car has different parts and each part contributes to how we identify a car.

God has different names that reflect His many attributes as the creator of all the earth and mankind. Each name speaks to a part of Him that we see or want to see in operation in our lives.

When you call Him by one of these names, it draws out a part of His essence, something unique and powerful about Him. You are calling Him to be that which you have called Him to be.

Knowing and calling Him these names help you develop a deeper relationship with Him. You marvel and wonder at how great and mighty He is.

Also, you get to depend on Him and not on your strength, intelligence, power, skills, or social standing. When you identify Him as your helper, provider, keeper, friend, et cetera., it helps to put your total trust in Him.

Lastly, these names of God reveal deeper worship of Him. You just get lost in the amazing greatness of Him, His name, and Word.

These names remind you of who God is and can be for and to you. Your God can be anything and everything you want Him to be. He wants to display His power and sovereignty for you.

Tomorrow we will start the series and see the many ways God displays His power and might through His names.

God bless you. Amen

Lord, I am glad that I have other names to call you. Help me know these and use them.

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