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Yesterday we started a series on praying for others and the sort of prayer God loves to hear. Today we will look at how to pray for healing for others.

Do you know someone who is sick? It may be a classmate, a church buddy, a neighbour, a friend at your lesson class or someone that belongs to the same club as you. The good news is that you can pray for them. Ask God to heal them and make them whole again.

You have the power to pray for healing for others. This is simply because the blood of Jesus has the power to heal all manner of sicknesses and diseases; so you can use the blood of Jesus to pray for the people you know that are passing through sickness.

Declare healing bible verses over them, mentioning their names as you do so. Divine healing is the portion of Christians. God does not like sicknesses, because it causes pain to His children; that is the reason He made healing possible. And that is also the reason that Jesus healed a lot of people when He was on earth. And you too, with the authority in the Name and Blood of Jesus, you can pray for healing for anyone that is sick, and God will heal the person. It’s so cool, isn’t it?

The world is still dealing with the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. Pray that God will heal those who have contracted the virus.

Pray, believing God will heal them. Pray for healing for people.
May the Lord give you the boldness to do so. Amen

Father, I ask for divine healing for (mention their name(s)). I ask through the name of Jesus. I declare that they are healed and made whole.

Action point:
Start to pray for healing for people who you know are sick.

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