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Yesterday, we started on how the Holy Ghost helps us to pray as children. Let’s continue with more benefits of praying in the Holy Ghost.

Sometimes, while praying in the spirit, God could drop a word that you should continue to pray or stop. He could also give you simple instructions.

More benefits of praying in the Holy Ghost is that it helps you to trust the Holy Spirit more and more. You trust the process – that every time you engage in prayer using the Holy Spirit, He connects you directly to the Father and helps speak what is on your mind to Him.

The bible says the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf with groaning. He teaches us what to say, when, and how to do so. This was evident in the lives of the disciples after they received the Holy Spirit.

More benefits of praying in the Holy Ghost is that it helps you pray with ease. It’s a language you don’t know how the words are formed. Even if you write them down, they don’t follow any earthly language pattern. They just flow out of your spirit.

You can also praise God in the Holy Spirit. Praising God in a language you don’t know. How sweet does that sound? God hears you call Him beautiful names in the language of heaven. Don’t you think God will smile?

One final thing the Holy Spirit can do is to lead you to pray for someone somewhere who might be in danger at a particular time. This is also part of more benefits of praying in the Holy Ghost. He asks you to pray to help avert danger or get help. This way, he leads you to intercede on someone’s behalf as He does on our behalf with God. So, you can see the immense benefits of having the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit can be imparted into you either by another believer or the Holy Spirit Himself. If you are yet to receive the Holy Spirit, ask your parents, pastor, or another believer full of the Holy Spirit to lay hands on you.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will come upon you in Jesus name. Amen.

Dear Holy Spirit, thank you for all that you are. LORD, open my eyes to more benefits of praying in the Spirit. I ask that you come upon me and teach me how to pray. Help me to pray from the heart of the father in Jesus name. Amen.

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