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Men Need Respect and Women Need Romance. Men and women are created differently, they function differently and they see things differently. There are three major ways they are different. 

Men and women are different in their personalities, their backgrounds, and their gender.

If we understand these differences, we will be able to relate to ourselves better. Meeting each other’s needs and prioritizing pleasing our spouse should be a big deal.

The number one cause of divorce is irreconcilable differences. The opposite will usually attract initially, if not managed well, these qualities that attract us to one another repel us and become a major source of conflict.

Men and women are made from different materials, so even in creation, they are different. Men were made out of dust but women were from one of the most sophisticated materials, the rib bone. 

Respect for men is not just a cultural need but a scriptural need. 

Ephesians 5:33, instructs women to respect their own husband. Men do things for honor, they are warriors and fighters by nature. So wives you have to be your husband’s number one cheerleader. Let nobody respect your husband more than you.

Affairs naturally develop in a boss-subordinate relationship, like a boss and secretary relationship because there is a natural flow of respect. Men Need Respect, Women Need Romance

Wives, don’t respect your boss, MD, pastor, or any other man more than your husband. You see his weaknesses, so the temptation to not respect him is there because women like to give respect when men do good things. Don’t yield to that temptation.

Understand your husband needs his space and some quiet when he is stressed. That is respect to him. Find new ways of respecting him by asking him, how you can appreciate him more.

Men, it is a crime to marry a woman and don’t give her what she needs most.  Women need and love romance. Men don’t understand romance because naturally, they are rugged.

 Romance is spelled tenderness. It is doing the normal things with a special touch and effect. Being thoughtful in the little things you do. Giving the little things the extra touch. For example don’t just buy your wife a gift, find out her preference. Take time to find out how she likes the gift. Women enjoy the process, so wrap the gift with a beautiful wrapper and present it in a romantic way. Romance doesn’t have to cost you an arm nor do you have to break the bank. It is romantic to just stay with her while cooking and just be with her.

You can just listen to her, give her a reassuring hug and tell her you understand her.

A woman talks for companionship because she is emotional. She tells you things not for you to correct, judge, apportion, blame, or criticize, she tells you, to empathize with her. This is being romantic.

Invest time, energy, effort, and money to meet your wife’s need for romance and you will harvest a happy, loving wife.

Men Need Respect, and Women Need Romance. Your marriage will thrive!

I dwell with my wife based on knowledge of that she is different from me. I respect my husband

Father help me to realize that men and women are different. Grant me wisdom in Jesus name 

Eph 5:33.….husbands love your wives, wives respect your husbands 

Husbands be romantic to your wives. Wives respect your husband’s.

Eph 5


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