Making Better Family Decisions

Making Better Family Decisions
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The month has begun already. Are you making adjustments already? Are you finding this series helpful? I hope so. Today we will look at family decisions.

Today, we will be talking about families.

Most times, family members are the most ignored set of people. We tend to think that they will always be there or they don’t need much from us. We push them aside till we get into trouble or something.

Take a good look at your relationship with your family members to know if you’ve been making great family decisions. Do so by asking yourself these questions:

  • How often did you tell or show them you love them?
    How many times did you help them when they needed it?
    How often did you help your parents at home?
    How often did you obey parental instructions?
    How many times did you pray for your parents or siblings?
    What was the last gift you gave your family members?
    How often did you spend time with them?
    How often did you fight your sibling?

These are personal questions that will guide you in your journey to making better family decisions. You can and should add yours to these.

Showing love to your family is important and gladdens the heart of God. As a Christian child, you are supposed to value the family system. Christianity itself is a family of believers in Christ.

May the Lord bless you and your family. Amen.

Lord, I  am grateful for the family you have blessed me with. I thank you for my parents and siblings. Help me to value them more in Jesus’ name. Help me to make great family decisions. Amen.

Action point:
Start by saying a big thank you to your family members for being there for you throughout the year. You can make a big “thank you” card for them.

I value my family. This month, I am more committed to them than ever before.

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By Sylvester Obinna

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