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Good morning, married folk out there. God bless your marriage. God is committed until your marriage becomes all it has the potential to become.

Your marriage can work out beautifully well. You can enjoy and have that dream marriage you always desire. Don’t for once ever feel it can never happen.

If you believe it can never happen, gosh, you just announced it won’t happen. Don’t give up, but be willing and obedient to do and give your marriage all it takes to make it work.

You know married couples should begin to have this attitude of ‘my marriage is personal and I got to make it work’.

You know while growing up, my dad will always say this proverb, ‘ as you lay your bed, so you will lie on it’. Then, I would wonder, why is he worried about how I lay my bed?

I don’t care about how my bed is, once I hit the bed, I don’t have enough time to notice how it is, I just sleep.

Later, I realized it’s not just about my physical bed, but it’s about life generally. Talking about our physical bed, it’s very good to learn to make our beds well and train our kids to do so too.

Someone said, laying your bed before leaving the house every morning gives you a sense of achievement. It may look small, but somewhere in your sub-conscious you feel good, you have at least a good, well laid bed…lol

For us married, the bed is also very important.

Heb 13:4 Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

My husband will jokingly say, the bed is the most important furniture to the couple. I want to agree with that.

The bed is the legalized furniture for love making. Of course not the only furniture, several others have joined in the quest for ‘orgasmic’ love making.

Now, talking about focusing on your marriage, you have to decide what you want your marriage to look like. No doubt there are a lot of factors that may want to stand against this but you have to stand your ground. Stand your ground to live a worthy legacy for your children and generation yet unborn.

Focus on your marriage to make it work at all cost and against all odds. Lay the bed on your marriage well, so you can enjoy all the beauty in your own marriage. Lean all the principles you need to learn, drop all bad habits you need to drop. Break all pride, cockiness, selfishness, deception and let your own marriage work.

If you are separated, decide what you want, walk with God and let him show you what next to do. Whichever way, God loves you and still wants the very best for you.

How to focus on your own marriage

1. Focus on yourself
You are a vital part of that marriage. Discover yourself. Who are you? What are your desires, what makes you come alive, what makes you enjoy living? Love yourself. Be a happy you.

2. Focus on your spouse
As a married person, the most important human being on earth is your spouse. Begin to treat him /her as such. Let nothing absolutely come in between that. Let the whole world know, your spouse is so important to you.

Some people treat their wives like ‘one kobo’ and expect her to treat them like ‘ a million dollar’, it ain’t gonna work that way.

Seize every opportunity to let everyone know this one human being is number one on your list.

3. Focus on God
Now, it will be very foolish to want to focus on yourself and spouse and leave God out. It can not work. God is the center that holds the pieces all together. God is the vital force that crowns all our efforts with success.

4. Focus on your strength
You have strengths. Whether it’s your beauty, your home making skills, your intellect, your being jovial, whatever it is, focus on it. It’s your selling point in your marriage. Don’t let go of your strong is what will make your spouse keep coming back to you.

5. Focus on minimizing your weaknesses
Don’t ever make the mistake of pretending your weaknesses don’t exit. Don’t ignore them. Your weaknesses have the potential of destroying the marriage you are building, so destroy your weaknesses before they ever destroy your marriage.

6. Focus on satisfying yourselves
Why should you spend your energy, time, money on trying to please or satisfy another man’s wife? That’s called wastage.

Don’t go into an unprofitable venture. Ask yourself, if I satisfy her, how does it add to me or make my own marriage better?

Tend your own garden. When it’s harvest time, you won’t go and harvest on another man’s farm. It is not your own, so focus and build your own marriage.

Pro 12:11 He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding.

God bless you and bless your marriage

My marriage is blessed

Lord, teach me to embrace your love  

Isa 49:16 (GW) I have engraved you on the palms of my hands. Your walls are always in my presence.

Focus on your marriage
Matthew 4; Luke 4 – 5