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Remember we said that prayer is like a one-on-one session with God? It’s time alone with God and not open to anyone or anything to cause any distraction. Distracting someone in prayer is not cool at all.

So, when you see someone praying maybe during church service or not, it’s not the time to start distracting them. It’s not cool to make a joke then or nudge them to look at someone or something irrelevant or trivial.

Don’t tap someone who is praying and say “Hey, look at Tom’s torn jeans” or “See how messed up Susan’s hair is.” It’s really not cool to make jokes about people’s looks, clothes, or social status. And not even during prayers. And God doesn’t want you to do so.

When you do so, you are distracting them from God – you break their connection to God at that time. This prevents them from hearing or receiving a message from God at that time.

Just like you shouldn’t allow anyone or anything to break your focus during prayer, you shouldn’t do so to others too. Let them enjoy the same blessing you receive from praying to God. Don’t be a stumbling block in their path; stop distracting them.

Prayer is an important ingredient to any Christian’s life. It’s important in your life. May the Lord give you a heart of understanding. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Lord, I don’t want to be a stumbling block in the paths of people during their praying time; help me not to be distracting people. Help me to remain focused on You during prayer. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Action plan:
When next you feel the urge to talk to someone and make a joke during prayers, ask the Holy Spirit for help. And don’t do it.

My children are true worshippers. They worship God in spirit and in truth. They will not be distracting others in their worship.

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