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Our God is an ever-present God who sees all things including you. He sees you. He sees all that you do as well as all that happens to you. In fact, He sees all things even before they happen to you. And because of this, He will always provide help or avert bad things from happening to you.

The Bible tells us that God’s eyes go about the whole earth, looking upon all mankind. There is nothing that He doesn’t see.

The Bible again tells us that God doesn’t sleep or slumber. He is constantly aware of all the happenings around the world. God sees you truly.

When bad things happen, don’t think God doesn’t know or see. Don’t think God has forgotten or doesn’t care about you. He knows when you need help and will provide help. Remember He is Jehovah Rohi – the Lord my Shepherd. Even before you call for help, He knows.

Take the story of Hagar. Though she was rude to Sarai her mistress and had to leave the house, God had pity on her. She was alone in the desert and thirsty, yet the Lord helped her. He saw that she was in need of help and provided it. Did you see that? Just know that God sees you.

Also, God saw all that Joseph went through. He helped him through it all from being sold as a slave, while in the house of Potiphar, in the jail cell, and at the end of it all He made Joseph the Prime Minister of the whole of Egypt as recorded in Genesis chapters 39 to 41.

That is how much El Roi loves His children. He sees all.
Tell Him that He is the Lord who sees you. Hallelujah.

Lord, you are El Roi, thank you for you see me. You see my circumstances as they happen and before they do. Always see me Lord so you can forever protect me. Thank you, God, in Jesus name. Amen.

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