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Angry situations occur in life. We feel angry when people do or say things about us that we don’t like. Anger is an emotion that can lead us to say harsh words to others.

Your sibling wears your shirt without your permission and stains it. It’s probably happened a couple of times and you have warned him. Yet, he failed to listen but this time you plan to give him a piece of your mind.

Harsh words fly out of your mouth and land on your brother. Soon the poor boy has tears in his eyes or he suddenly loses self-esteem and locks himself up in his room for the whole day. You must therefore learn how to manage angry situations.

Your brother is not right in taking your shirt without your permission. You are not right also with your choice of words.

Instead of your words helping the situation, they have only caused more harm.
Choose your words carefully. Don’t speak out of anger. Even when someone hurts you, don’t hurt them back.

May God give you the grace for calming words.

Lord, teach me not to speak out of anger to people around me. Amen

Action point:
Watch your words when you’re angry.

My words impact and heal.

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