How To Make Your Relationship Work

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SINGLES-How To Make Your Relationship Work

Some people think they are the most important person in their relationship. They feel if everything can just favour them and be exactly the way they want things to be, everything will be alright.

Generally, human nature is that of selfishness and the different temperaments clearly show this.

All the temperamental weaknesses are based on physical or emotional selfishness. It’s either you want to have it your own way, you hurt others without care or you’re just overly sensitive.

You hurt easily and don’t seem to be able to control your extent and duration of hurt. Interestingly, opposite will always attract, and so we usually find the one that hurts getting attracted to the one who easily gets hurt, akin to the predator and the prey, needing the other for survival.

Some others feel their fiancé/fiancée is the most important person in the relationship. They try their best to give their partner all they need almost to the point of pampering them. Their partners become their focus and obsession.

This will work for a while but soon you will discover that no man can fully satisfy the needs of another man, there is a downside to everything. Man in himself is not wired to sustain himself, not to talk of another.

Both parties require a common focus. They both require a common source of strength, encouragement, joy, power, grace, inspiration, direction, and fulfillment. It is only God that is qualified to take this place. He is the most important person in our relationships.

As we seek to please Him, serve him, worship and obey Him, we become better and bring out the best in our partners. Our relationship with God gives us the required wisdom to be a loving person in a relationship. His principles and person impact us with the grace needed for success.

Don’t put the cart before the horse. In the natural anyone who does that is considered ‘sick upstairs’. It looks like the highest form of foolishness, yet we want to do that in our relationships and expect things to work.

If you’re in a relationship now, the best thing you can do for yourselves is to begin developing your relationship with God. Make Him your focus. Courtship time is not the time for all play and fun. It’s the time to build a solid foundation of a qualitative relationship with God.

If you are not born again, get born again and consecrate yourself afresh to a lifestyle of fellowship and worship. This is wisdom and it’s your ticket to a blissful marriage.

I acknowledge you Lord as the Lord over my life. You are my focus and my obsession. My relationship will work.

Father, in Jesus name I ask for a heart that loves and worships you.

As long as you grab for what makes you feel good or makes you look important, are you really much different than a babe at the breast, content only when everything’s going your way? –1Corinthains 3:3 (MSG)

Make a commitment to spend time daily in prayers, worship and reading God’s word. Also start attending a good bible believing church.

Job 6-9

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How To Make Your Relationship Work


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