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This year, learn how to journey with God. A new year comprises numbers that run from one to three hundred and sixty-five. It’s just numbers that help you make the most of your life and time.

Every new year starts from number one and runs all through to the end. That is an indication that what you didn’t or couldn’t achieve in the past year, there is another set of days, weeks, and months to do so.

Another beautiful thing about a new year is that it’s a clean slate for you to fill with decisions and habits. It is an empty book for you to use as much as you want.

The fact that there are numbers in a year is clearly helpful in measuring your progress. As you count from one to two to three and so on, you are measuring what you are doing and noticing the changes you see.

You can also break the numbers into months; another way of structuring your progress.

A new year is a promise of possibilities. Adding God to the equation makes it juicer because He has seen all the days in the year.

Only He can help you navigate through this new year.

Add God into this new year. Don’t trudge alone on your journey. Let God load you on His back.

May this new year be a journey with God you will never forget. Amen.

Lord, as this year starts, I hold your hand and start with you. Load me daily with your benefits. Be a part of my day throughout this year, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Action Plan:
Consciously ask for God to walk with you this year. Do not go alone.

I take my journey with God this year

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