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It’s important to learn how to accept discipline as a child. The word ‘discipline’ is quite common. How many times have you had this word thrown around you by your parents? It must be like forever. Or is it like every 5 seconds you hear them use “discipline” in every sentence they say to you?

How come that’s the only word they are using? Like is that the only word in their dictionary?

How about when God disciplines you? Do you think God is just like your parents too? Well, He is like them and much more than them.

Don’t see discipline as a bad thing. It’s a good thing that will automatically build you up into a matured, responsible and God-fearing person. So you must learn how to accept discipline.

When your parents tell you to arrange your clothes well in your wardrobe, clean your room and take your bath regularly, they are teaching you to be neat in life.

When they discipline you for taking something of theirs without their permission, you are being taught a lesson about taking someone’s thing without permission. If you they don’t do that, you could end up being called a thief outside if you do so outside of the house.

Asking you to brush your teeth every night before you sleep is teaching you good dental hygiene that will increase your chances of having perfect dental health in adulthood.

It may look hard and time consuming, but it’s for your own good. The more time you give towards doing what you are supposed to do, the more it becomes part of you.

“Anyone who loves learning accepts being corrected. But a stupid person who hates being corrected is stupid.” Proverbs 12:1 ICB.

May the Lord give you the grace to receive and embrace discipline at all levels. Amen.

Lord, give me a heart that accepts and cherishes discipline. Help me not to refuse it. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Action point:
What areas have you been rejecting discipline in your life? Think and write them out. Begin to pray for help to do them and do so immediately.

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