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How songs Can make or mar you. Your ears are wonderful organs given by God for listening and also for balance. What you listen to can affect you. Songs, words, instrumentals, poetry, and so on all have the power of touching you.

When you hear a great Christian song, you either pause to soak it in or sing along just because you can identify with the words. So, also when you listen to songs that don’t glorify God or cause you to feel or do what you are not supposed to do.

Songs that use vulgar or harmful words aren’t good for you. They are songs that glorify evil and immorality. Listening to songs like that only teaches you bad words and how to use them. Over time you become well versed in them till they become part of you.

Apart from songs, people can also use bad and foul words around you. Are your friends or mates at school using vulgar words around you? Speak to them about using such words, and if they don’t listen, stay away from them, because they will only teach you to be like them.

Listening to Godly and inspiring songs helps to lift your spirit and connects you with the Holy Spirit which leads you into worship, praise, petition, exaltation, revelation, and more.

Also, people can pass influence with their words either to do good or bad. Watch out for the elderly people around you. What are they saying? Are they speaking hateful words to others? Words that inspire you to hate others? Do not listen to such words for they are ungodly.

Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding.

Prov. 2:2 NLT

Listen to wisdom (good, life-giving, helpful, loving, et cetera words) so that you will concentrate on who God has made you to be, should be, and can be. In other words, listening to wisdom will help stay holy before God.

May God give you listening ears. Amen

Lord, open my ears to hear what glorifies you. Amen.

Action point:
What or who are you listening to?

My ears are holy. They only hear godly and wise words.

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