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As children, we are constantly faced with pressures from everywhere. There is peer pressure and the need to ‘feel among’. There is also the pressure to do well in our academics, so as not to appear wasteful before our parents.

We are also sometimes caught between pleasing our friends and pleasing our parents or teachers. Some other times, we actually wish our parents can understand.

In whatever situation we find ourselves, the bible is our guide, putting a balance to whatever our friends, teachers, parents or guardians say.

Let’s find out what Paul the Apostle has to say in times like this when you are faced with pressures.

Just be sure you live as God’s people in a way that honors the Good News of Christ. – Phil 1:27a [ERV]

Here, Apostle Paul says we should not do things that bring dishonor and shame to the name of Christ. He says regardless of the pressures you think you are going through, comport yourself and live as God’s people.

When you are at such crossroads, remember that other children around you are probably going through worse times. Also, remember that adulthood is all about pressures. So the way you handle it now will go a long way to determining how you will handle it in the future.

I love the way this translation puts it

Live as citizens who reflect the Good News about Christ. – Phil 1:27a [GW]

In all we do, we are citizens of heaven, let us live up to the expectation.

May God give us the grace to do so. Amen.

Oh Lord, help me to handle pressures well.

Action point:
List out the pressures you are going through currently and show them to your parents/teachers.

I do not cave in under pressure. I am coming out stronger than ever.

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