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Hello dear friend, I would like to share a little secret with you today. Well, maybe not a secret, it’s one of the instructions God has given you and me to have a beautiful life. Today, I will be talking to you about service. Yes, service. How have you been using your gifts?

As little children, we aren’t too young to do things for God.

In fact, in God’s word, there is no age bracket for who can serve God.

The Bible says in

And ye shall serve the LORD your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee. – Exodus 23:25 [KJV]

This is a powerful secret for good health, not only for you but for your parents as well

The big question then is; how can you serve God as a child?

Let me show you a few ways

1. By observing your quiet time daily.

As a child of God, the way you communicate with him is by praying and reading your Bible daily. This helps you to know the heart of God and also to do his will.

2. Showing Love to everyone around you.

The highest commandment in the Bible is the command to love God and also to love our neighbors. This is the desire of God for all his children.

3. Use your gifts and talents in the house of God.

If you sing or are good at acting, the house of God is a good place to use your gifts. You can join the children’s choir, children’s acting group, whatever you find to do, do it.

May God bless you more as you deploy your gifts in the service of God. Amen

Lord, help me to use my gifts well.

Action point:
Join a unit in your church

I will use my gift well to serve and glorify God.

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